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Simply Dispatch is an affordable and powerful delivery management software that helps make the delivery experience your competitive advantage. We empower you to deliver more and get new clients by providing the best-in-class customer experience from start to finish. Our goal is to make our delivery software for small business improve your delivery system operations.

Software for Canadian Pickup & Delivery Services

In today’s marketplace, the dramatic growth of the on-demand economy to fulfill the immediate provision of services and goods to customers is constantly changing the way deliveries are made. Courier companies are forced to rise to the demand of this real-time fulfillment of goods and services in order to offer value to customers, sustain loyalty, and attract new clients. This is where a small business dispatch software can get you a long way.

Designed to power small and medium local package delivery companies, Simply Dispatch is an easy-to-use solution offering effective delivery management features. We are the best delivery app for small business that you can find. Our all-in-1 pick up and delivery software helps you easily organize and track deliveries in real-time, we are the most reliable delivery scheduling software for small business

However, it’s much more than just a simple tracking system. Simply Dispatch also provides businesses with a reliable delivery app for small business that has a range of features that can help to streamline their operations.

  • Automate operations and save time on delivery logistics
  • Keep customers updated with our delivery-tracking link
  • Increase profitability by reducing manual procedures
  • Track shipments in real time
  • Allow customers to leave instant feedback on their delivery experience
  • Centralize delivery and eliminate juggling between apps

How Our Courier Software Works

Simply Dispatch is a SaaS (software as a service) delivery management software that uses cloud technology and allows you to use the software on-demand without hosting the system yourself. We provide the host and maintain the servers, databases, and the code that makes up the application.

Our cloud-based model unlocks cost-saving efficiencies by eliminating the need for clients to incur the expenses of purchasing or maintaining expensive hardware application servers and in-house software maintenance. If you’re looking for a good delivery tracking software for small business, this is the best choice you could ever make.

Specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses, our delivery software is the easiest system to learn and use. Delivery management has never been easier and more efficient with Simply Dispatch.

You can be set up in minutes and instantly you are up and running and have all the tools you need to run a modern delivery business. You can never go wrong with this small business delivery app.

Our complete delivery software comes with a premium set of features at affordable prices for small and medium-sized courier and delivery companies.

Delivery Management App Main Features

At the core, Simply Dispatch makes your courier business more efficient and reduces your overall cost. Our delivery management software offers top-notch features to streamline your delivery process.

Easy Dispatch

Simply Dispatch provides functions to manage all your delivery services and delivery drivers. The easy-to-use interface allows your dispatcher to have full control of your own drivers and your brokers. All information for live-tracking is available in real-time, making it easy for you, your drivers as well as your clients to see exactly where the delivery is, and when it will reach its destination.

Mobile drivers apps

Simply Dispatch provides online connection for your drivers through their mobile phone. Our cloud-based system works with most types of smartphone models including iPhones and Android OS. All the information for pickups & deliveries are sent automatically to your drivers and any status changes are updated directly in real-time in the system allowing the driver to make quick and easy adjustments on the fly.

Go paperless

Waybills are a thing of the past. All data in the system is digital.

Digital POD’s

Once a package is delivered, drivers can capture a digital signature, photo, or message as proof of delivery and you can track completed or incomplete deliveries.

Driver rating and feedback

Customers can give a rating for the drivers and leave a review about the pickup/delivery experience.

Integrated accounting

A full accounting system, including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payables, General Ledger and Financial Statements can be integrated for real-time accounting. Your accounting numbers are always live and accurate, and there is zero risk of double entries.

Automated Invoicing

Simplify and speed up your billing process with automatically generated invoices for a certain customer or a given period. No double entry and less risk of error!

Customer Portal

With your own secure online client website, you can offer 24/7 customer online support where they get access to the platform and can easily track their orders. Tracking forms and notifications are also available.


A schedule order tool allows users to plan and schedule orders and reserve time slots. You can also plan each driver’s pickup and delivery ahead of time.

Affordable Pricing

We offer affordable price plans to suit your needs. All subscriptions are contract-free and upfront annual payments offer even better rates. You can even gain access to the delivery management software through a free trial.

Find the Best Delivery Management Software

Deliver the best shipping experience to your customers with a delivery management system

powered by smart automation, real-time location tracking, and SMS notifications to manage local deliveries. We have helped hundreds of local businesses save time and money by making it easy to manage and track deliveries – from start to finish.

Simply Dispatch is one of the best delivery management software solutions in Canada that helps hundreds of deliveries succeed every year. Do you need a free delivery software for small business? Start your trial now.

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