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I can't heap enough praise on both Simply Dispatch and their team!  I have been using Simply Dispatch for about 3 years now.  All I can say is it just runs smoothly. All the time.  That's unheard of with a program like this with so much to offer. 

We accept orders through it, we have it linked from our website for both steady clients and new ones to seamlessly put in orders and for us to see them right away.  We can enter orders manually, we use it for all of our dispatching, the drivers receive orders through their app that comes with the program, we get immediate responses, and I could go on.   It has too many extras that are incorporated to even list.  That's what I can say about the program. 

The customer service is unbelievable.  We always get immediate attention with any problem that might come up handled quickly and efficiently.  I really can't recommend this product highly enough. 

A dynamic same-day courier in Colorado, USA

We have trusted the simply dispatch team since 2007. The program is vital to the management and analysis of our daily operations, and we’ve successfully grown together over the years.  Our data is complete, safe, secure and accessible.  The customer service at Simply Dispatch is reliable, quick and thorough and the price is reasonable.  I highly recommend integrating this product into any delivery business out there.

A rapidly growing last mile delivery company in Ontario, Canada

In 2011 a potential client asked if we had an online ordering system.  We immediately did some internet searching and came upon Simply Dispatch.

Not only could clients order online there were other aspects our business could benefit from – automated invoicing and operational KPI’s.  We signed on with Simply Dispatch.

We have had the client since and have added many by introducing the program to other clients. Word spread quickly.  Having this long of a relationship with anyone is a testament to the team’s dedication to providing top-tier client service.

There have been hiccups, as there always will be, but the support team's dedication to a quick solution is exemplary.  We most recently took advantage of the mobile app and our drivers couldn’t be happier.  We look forward to continuing to develop our business along with Simply Dispatch!

A vibrant and fast-paced courier firm in Eastern Canada.

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