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With the best courier app, you can easily schedule, dispatch, and track your entire courier delivery business and meet customers’ expectations for accurate, safe and fast delivery.

One of the biggest challenges faced by e-commerce businesses today is delivering orders to customers successfully and without delays. This is especially true for small businesses that have fewer resources and delivery agents to handle courier and shipping logistics. Logistics service providers have become a lifeline to meet shipping needs.

Today’s customers expect the delivery of goods and services to be fast and efficient. This means next day and same day deliveries and with live tracking if possible, so they are able to follow the route or status of their order all the way to its fulfillment.

Logistics managers understand that delivering customers’ packages to their doorstep quickly, efficiently and securely is the key to a successful delivery business. With a courier and delivery tracking software, you can meet on-demand delivery and fulfill customer expectations across every step of the journey.

What is Courier Management Software?

Very simply, courier management software offers solutions to help transport companies with the shipment of packages. It is instrumental to help you run a profitable logistics and courier company. These delivery apps automates and simplify the many processes involved with running a transportation company and enables you to process and deliver packages and parcels from your depot or transport hub to the end customer all from one location.

How Does a Courier App Help My Business

A courier software solution for small business, like Simply Dispatch, can take efficiency to a whole new level and enable your delivery business to stay ahead of your competitors.

The best courier software is simply vital for success, especially in the rise of fast on-demand courier delivery services. It helps courier companies with the optimization of delivery operations in a timely and cost-controlled manner so you can save money, increase profits, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen brand identity.

Courier apps allow you to manage many things and can help you run your business more efficiently with features such as

  • Shipment tracking and scheduling
  • On-line ordering and tracking
  • Package tracking during delivery service
  • An end to end system from order to invoice

Efficient Scheduling Of Pickups And Deliveries 

Courier management software provides real-time fleet visibility by giving a holistic view of ground-level delivery operations. You can see real-time status of each package in your delivery network. This real-time data allows dispatchers to track multiple consignments from a single dashboard and automate order assignment and process orders in seconds and dispatch them to the best driver for optimal time and distance efficiency.

The courier application makes it easy to assign delivery drivers based on priority level, vehicle requirements, as well as driver location, availability and workload.

Delivery tracking

Courier service software also facilitates real-time tracking of multiple orders. It can provide updates on the status of package delivery, look into driver history and delivery feedback. Customers are also kept in the loop on delivery progress updates with automated SMS or email notifications. This will alert them to changes to delivery status, such as when an order is received, in-transit, and is finally delivered.

Delivery feedback

Courier delivery apps also have features that automatically trigger a delivery feedback link to customers, making it easy for them to give a rating and provide feedback on the delivery experience. This in turn can contribute to improving the overall performance of courier and delivery services.

Automated Invoicing and Bookkeeping

Another big advantage of courier apps is that you can easily create, customize and send automatically generated invoices to your customers in just a matter of minutes.

You can also automate recurring payments, schedule recurring tasks, set up billing reminders, and even import expenses from other accounting software. This saves a lot of time compared to the tedious and time-consuming process involved in manual bookkeeping.

Ready to grow your delivery business?

Courier/ Delivery management software like Simply Dispatch helps you to streamline every aspect of your delivery business into one integrated system so you can better serve customers and become a vital part of their logistics operations.

By giving you the ability to access the system from anywhere, at any time on any mobile device, you can run your delivery business as scheduled and still have the valuable time needed to have a work-life balance that you didn’t have before. Now you know the work is going to get done, you can easily focus your energy on meeting the increasing demands of growing your business. All of this is possible with the best courier app by Simply Dispatch.

Simply Dispatch courier management system is easy-to-use, has a modern API, and boasts robust features to make your courier business faster and more efficiently. If you’d like to learn more, contact us for more information.

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