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Do Your Customers Use All Your Services?

How well do you know your customer? Have you ever considered that your valued customers may be using you just because you are the cheapest vendor around? Do you review what services your customers are using and stop to think about why? When was the last time you made a sales call at your customer''s location?

Interesting questions. Perhaps not knowing the answers to the questions is what keeps you up at night. Perhaps not, maybe you are sleeping very well and your business is operating at its peak performance. But if your business is like most businesses in the industry you have very little time to look at the more strategic aspects of the business because you are too busy just trying to deal with the day to day challenges.

Are your customers demanding? If you answer no to this question, you are either lying or going out of business. The Supply Chain industry, of which your business is an integral part, is in a constant state of flux. Every day it seems there are major changes to the way in which the process of getting shipments from point A to point B mutates.

Do you perform services that are lost leaders? Do some of your customers just use you for the lost leaders and not the moneymakers? If you don''t know the answers to these questions then your business is at risk. But how do you find out who your best customers are and what your most profitable service offerings are? The answers to these most important questions are found in data.

What data are we talking about here? We are talking about the data that piles up as a result of all the operational transactions that occur every day in your business. Intelligence is defined as aptitude or cleverness or astuteness. Business Intelligence (BI) refers to technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business information and also sometimes to the information itself. The purpose of business intelligence is to support better business decision-making. *

How do you know you are making money on the services you offer? How do you know what customers are your best customers? Does your business operate on the 80-20 rule? What is the 80-20 rule anyway? To find out the real truth regarding your business health you need to use some sort of Business Intelligence.

For more about how to use Business Intelligence in your business please contact us.

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