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Just The Facts

The courier business of today is under immense pressure.
How so?

  • Competition is fierce
  • Fuel costs are rising on a daily basis
  • Customer loyalty is waning
  • Customers want online services
    • Order Entry
    • Delivery tracking and notification
  • The focus is on price not long-term relationships
  • Paper-based manual operations are expensive
  • In order to grow, more staff must be hired increasing overhead costs
  • Driver turnover is always a problem
  • Drivers demand to be paid accurately and on time
  • Cash flow is paramount to survival

How does the courier owner/operator respond to the changes taking place?
Some options include...

  • Hire more staff
  • Pay Drivers less
  • Increase rates
  • Reduce services
  • Sell the business
  • Retire

Not the most desirable choices.

But we have a better solution!

We call it...

          Web Dispatch 2.0

Why automate?

This article documents the top 10 reasons to automate your business.

Why now?

This article documents the top reasons why now is the time.

Why Web Dispatch 2.0?

Check out the top reasons we are the right choice.

How do I automate?

Our approach is proven, manageable and made-to-measure.

What are the next steps?

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