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Ratings Features

  • Configurable multi dimension rating system
  • Zone to Zone
  • Postal / Zip
  • Boundary
  • City to City
  • Unlimited service levels (rush, stat, overnight, etc) - User defined
  • Unlimited Equipment types and charges for equipment
  • Km can be charged differently by vehicle type
  • User defined Extra charges, for example,
    • After hours
    • Extra drops
    • Special handling
    • Can be negative for discounts
    • Detail on invoice or show as lot price
  • MapPoint Distance calculator
  • Mileage based rating
  • Override generated rate on the Fly with Administrator security
  • Pick up 1 location / Deliver 10 locations
  • Surcharges
  • Copy rate sheets
  • Print rate sheets for Customers
  • Generic rate sheets
  • Customer specific rate sheets

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