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Making Customers and Drivers Raving Fans

Do you help customers plan their deliveries?

If you want to create truly raving fans out of your customers you have to do things right the first time and set realistic expectations. Most people can understand that you can''t deliver on super-human promises so what is the point of making them. Have you ever noticed that volume tends to increase on Fridays and more so at month-end? Do you promise the same delivery times on a Friday before a long weekend that you do on a Monday of a regular week? Maybe you should train your order entry staff to politely remind your customers that on a high volume day the delivery time may be a little longer than normal. If the delivery is super time critical the customer has a couple of choices. One is to upgrade to your emergency service and the other is to use another courier. Either way you are better off as if you promise a time you know you cannot make you will be creating a customer service issue that will stay with that customer for a long time.

Do you pay your customers or do they pay you?

What the heck are we talking about right? What kind of customer are you ever going to pay? Well, let''s look at this from another angle. Do you pay drivers or sales people to find new business for your company? Chances are you do. So why not pay your customers to refer you to new business? Think about it, every customer you have is part of a network of commerce that they operate in each and every day. Turn your customers into your best sales people by giving them an incentive to refer you to some of the business partners 'V vendors or customers 'V that they deal with. How would you create an incentive that would make your customers pay attention? Pay them a percentage of revenue for each order a customer they refer to you gives you for a period of time or better yet for life! If you pay a customer just five percent (5%) for every order for every new customer they introduce you to, they could very nearly end up getting all your services to them for free. What''s not to like about that? You could set up an affiliate program whereby every affiliate (customer, driver, order taker etc) that brings you new business gets paid a commission on the revenue brought in. If you have a reasonable web site, you could set up Internet affiliates or join an affiliate network. There are many ways you can increase your sales. But it all starts with having a system that can predictably, professionally and cost effectively manage your operations on a day-by-day basis.

Do your drivers think your company is a great company to work with?

We would be that most courier owners would say their drivers love them and if they were to leave it would be the drivers'' loss. Unfortunately the reality is not so true. Drivers have a tough job these days. What with the traffic congestion in most major urban areas, the crazy drivers out there, the constant construction on major and minor roadways, the cost of fuel, the cost of insurance and just the fact that customers are more demanding than ever and don''t expect to pay for inefficient operations. But how do you create an environment that supports your drivers'' needs while not giving away the farm to them? There are a number of ways to motivate your drivers, not the least of which is to pay them accurately, consistently and in a timely manner. Another way to keep your drivers happy is to pay them a commission on any new business they bring in. Think about the number of places a driver visits in a month. What about if at each stop the driver took 5 minutes to visit a nearby business to drop off a business card and a flyer on your services; how much more money could the driver be making himself and you in the process? Drivers want to be treated with respect and be given an opportunity to make a reasonable living without feeling as though they are ''a necessary evil'' or some other negative label. How about having monthly sales meetings and giving the driver that brought in the most new business a dinner for two on the company? There are many methods to turning your drivers into huge fans but one the main things you have to do is have a good system to start with.

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