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Improve Customer Service With a Good System

A computerized system can be a huge benefit to a busy courier business. When you compare a completely manual system to an automated system there are a number of areas of the business that are improved with a good system. The following are just a few examples.

Replace old manual operations with up to date productivity tools.

Customers demand value for their dollars. Drivers expect to be paid on time and without errors. Customers expect to be invoiced accurately and have their questions answered quickly and with consistent and courteous responses. If your business is currently operating with manual paper-based order processing and peg and hook dispatching your days of providing reasonable service to your business stakeholders - your customers and drivers - are numbered. You simply cannot provide consistent, quality services with a manual system. A key reason for this is that people are only human and they make mistakes. Stressed out people make more mistakes more often as the stress level increases. It is a proven fact that one mistake leads to another and costs increase exponentially as mistakes become more prevalent.

Handle more volume without hiring more staff and/or even reduce head count.

A computerized system can handle hundreds of transactions a second. Event the fastest most experienced human cannot come close to the speed and efficiency of a computerized system. Enter data once in a system and the system manages it from that point ensuring timely, accurate and consistent results. People make mistakes computers do not. People have bad days computers do not. People call in sick computers do not. As your business grows you can avoid the costs of hiring new clerical staff because a system will handle the additional volume with ease. Implement a web-based order entry and tracking system and your customers can offload even more of the tasks that your people would have to do traditionally.

Reduce operating costs and increase customer loyalty by implementing a web-base online order entry and tracking solution.

Using a Web Order Entry program can enhance the customer service provided by a company. In fact, a good system provides an online customer self-service site that will result in a reduction of customer service calls in the first place. Customers are able to place orders, update orders and schedule future orders. Customers are informed via email when their orders are delivered and can check on the status of their orders anytime 24/7. Invoices can even be viewed and/or printed from a good customer service web site. The more the customer can do to service themselves, the most cost effective your business operates and the happier the customer is in dealing with your company. Reduce your costs and make your customers happier at the same time by providing an easy-to-use, always available, customer friendly web site.

Increase profits by reducing operating costs such as those associated with waybills and postage.

Waybills cost money to print, handle and store.' Automated systems can either completely or at least mostly eliminate waybills buy keeping all pertinent information online in a database.' Invoices can be emailed eliminating postage.' If invoices are still mailed to customers, the postage required would be the minimum cost to mail a letter as the extra bulk associated with sending copies of waybills would be eliminated.

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